Dedicated hosted server Europe

What is dedicated hosted server and why you should invest in it?

Dedicated Server - is an independent server, intended only to serve a single user. There is also the possibility of servicing and maintaining multiple servers and virtual ability to exercise independent hosting services of high quality. This is safer and less emergency than shared servers.

Dedicated hosted server - is a single computer that performs the server function for only one recipient. DCXV company's dedicated hosted server client can install software, and freely adjust the default installed and configured operating system.

These Web servers can be placed on your computer, but also on the computer hosting company. In this case, the broker offers a complete monitoring, for example, through a remote desktop feature. This type of dedicated hosted server, providing you high reliability and stability, are increasingly choosing larger companies or companies that provide services related to the internet.

Why you should invest in dedicated hosted server?

Servers in general, as pointed out by the self-designed for many users. It is not always a good solution. Yes, indeed, we never know with whom we share a place, and it can sometimes affect the stability and security of our web page.

Using rented dedicated hosted server you will get:

  • a full server for your application without the need for additional costs related to the acquisition of expensive server hardware;

  • redundant channels of access to the Internet;

  • Reservations leased server power within the overall system redundancy of power our data centers;

  • Server placement in a specially equipped room where been supporting appropriate conditions of temperature and humidity;

  • clock technical support.

On DCXV site you can always find the cost of dedicated hosted server and other services as well as to order one that will suit your needs.