First steps in dedicated email server administration

First steps in dedicated email server administration. Dedicated servers in Europe from the DCXV Company

The dedicated email server for beginners. Getting started and administration

Some system administrators have problems in dealing with e-mail systems. All due to the fact that it has much more complex structure than it seems to be. Not surprisingly, the administration of the mail server - a delicate matter. For dedicated email server Administration you do not need to become an expert in the field of e-mail, just need to know about the features of its work.

Many people are under the mail server understand a "black box", which delivers it to the recipient. But in fact, inside the dedicated email server has a mechanism which can be set up only through an understanding of its work.

If you want to have e-mail server, there are two options to offer customers: you can take it to rent or buy. Administration of the mail server is a must in both cases.

If the customer chooses rent a dedicated email server, he receives all the benefits of working with the mail. Corporate clients need the presence of a mail server, because it opens up the horizons of the internal address book, and the number of mailboxes unlimited here. In contrast to the free mail, the mail server is protected by a powerful spam filter.

Rent a mail server - it is very thriftily decision. If you do not want your company staff had confusion with mailboxes, rent a dedicated email server and forget about these problems. There is no need to acquire a serious server hardware, the purchase and maintenance of which - quite worthwhile things.

Dedicated email server security in our time is one of the main objectives of the companies that provide them for rent. We need to recognize that the task they have coped "with a bang". All information from the mailbox is stored in the data center, which is under the control support. Data transfer in this case is free, it is encrypted.

Solutions for corporate mail

When using the corporate e-mail communication process between the employees becomes very fast and reduces the speed of business processes.

With receiving the corporate e-mail user usually receives an internal address book, thanks to which you will not need to remember the e-mails of all employees. There are also collaboration tools, such as calendars in the mail program. Imagine a situation when department head controls work schedule and working meetings, contributes to their changes. It is very convenient and transparent. You can learn more about DCXV dedicated email server by reaching our sales department or support.