Dedicated SSD server

Dedicated SSD server. Dedicated servers in Europe from DCXV Company

Advantages and disadvantages of dedicated servers

If your project needs a high power and high speed connection, feel free to select the allocated resources, as it is convenient and inexpensive.

Rent of dedicated SSD server is wonderful, and most importantly - inexpensive alternative to all known computer that were used as a server. Thousands and millions of dedicated servers located around the world and are waiting for their clients.

Because dedicated SSD server, rather its rent, has a large price range, this option is ideal even for those who only are starting a business with minimum budget.

Virtual Server: why it is convenient

Virtual Private Server - it's a great alternative to a physical dedicated server. Its main advantage is a total saving on everything. Imagine the 2 options. First, you pay a monthly fee and do not care about anything. Second, you need to pick out a powerful computer server and serve it (technical work, cooling, electricity). Virtual server - it is always more convenient and much cheaper.

It happens that your project urgently needs dedicated resources. In this case, you need rent virtual SSD server because it has the possibility of setting root. This server also guarantees the independence of its neighbors, which allows making the site work more stable.

Choosing a dedicated server, the user has full access to its operating system, and in fact is an administrator. This makes it possible to install software, change any settings, and work with different files. Virtual servers have their own IP address, and sometimes there may be several.

But SSD server has one major difference from usual server. It lies in the fact that the lessee can not be able to make changes to certain system files and OSes. All due to the fact that such server consumes low hardware resources. Actually, because of this, he is much cheaper than the others.

Other words the decisive factor for the rent of the virtual server is its low cost. Physical servers exceed at times the value of their virtual counterparts. Therefore, many members of not only small, but also big business for years enjoyed virtual hosting and assure that it is very convenient and thriftily. You do not depend on hardware failures, holidays, weather, and heap all sorts of factors that can prevent the clock work of your site or project.