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If we are talking about an ordinary hosting options, it is easier in terms of service, as well as the slightly cheaper in comparison to such solution, as a dedicated server, and it rent. However, in order to develop and successfully promote own business projects on the Internet, you will eventually need to use the services of dedicated server company. To ensure that all is going well you need to approach the selection of physical server rent with all the responsibility, consciously and with an understanding of what are the benefits of its use, you can receive and the challenges faced. We propose to consider a number of factors, which are typical for such a decision, both rented dedicated server.


If we talk about such parameters as the speed with which handled all requests to the web server, this figure may change over time od the influence of various factors affecting the operation of the entire web resources. For example, your web resource can be loaded in a much longer if the web server is overloaded during peak hours (when multiple requests to other web sites). It is important to understand that you can not control of the situation, if using an ordinary web hosting. But in the framework of dedicated hosting dedicated server company have the ability to manage server settings and always keep everything under control.


Common option of hosting services is not able to provide full access to the work of the operating system and installed software on it. If you want to have at your disposal a complete software package that allows to monitor and manage the server to use dedicated server company services.

Dedicated server company gives the ability to customize the working environment

With the increasing number of visitors to your web-site and traffic increases, as well as system requirements, as well as the stable operation of the software. Thus, you need to make a number of improvements on the server. When using an ordinary server hosting option, you will not be able to produce a complete modernization, including modernization of the operating system, add memory, expansion space, the installation of additional software, and so on. With access to a physical dedicated server, you can solve all these problems.

On DCXV dedicated server company site you can always find the cost of server dedicated hosting and other services as well as to order one that will suit your needs.