Dedicated server unmetered and dedicated server 1gbps

What is dedicated server hosting?

Dedicated server is very useful if you need a reliable placement of information and reliable access to databases. A special type of hosting in which a potential customer receives a separate powerful physical server is called dedicated server. It is generally used for applications that have specific requirements.

Dedicated server scope

This type of server allows mostly comfortable to use its resources and protect information more securely and efficiently, make backups and also DDOS ??protection is also carried out more fully. User can choose the type of operating system which he wants to work as well as the kind and type of his databases, use all required programs, including self-publishing, as well as to rebuild configuration of the server system to optimally adjust it to fit his needs.

This server can be hosted on a single powerful machine and this is done in order to, for example, prevent the attacker from destroying the database, because it is not fully available, even if he will have user rights. Server hosting dedicated can be used if the site consumes a lot of resources. Dedicated server is considered to be very reliable and running smoothly, as opposed to virtual, it is often used to share web server and database. And this, in turn, ensures the smooth operation and full access to the resource at any time, even if carried out technical work.

Dedicated server for games

Often such servers are also used for the games placement. It helps gamers to play their favorite games without interruption and problems, especially in case a lot of participants and overload. The server is allocated to unload the computer from the game carried out without delay in a large influx of participants, as well as for protection against serious attacks on the network. Server hosting dedicated can be used for continuous operation of the site of some of the popular network game.

Users of dedicated server

Another task that dedicated servers can solve is to restrict access and the provide predicament access to user’s information. For example, an attacker who gains access to the web server will not be able to get full access to the databases if they are stored on a dedicated server.

Among the dedicated server users there is enough varied contingent of customers. Among them there are businessmen, programmers and network games participants. Despite the price, and it is not the lowest, our customer base is constantly expanding, so we are able to compete with the well-known leaders of data centers market. Quality service, prompt solution of clients’ problems, equipment upgrade, contributing to the expansion of the maximum power all of this once again confirms the appropriateness of feasibility to become our server hosing dedicated client.