Get Dedicated server France

Get dedicated server France solution from DCXV Company

Dedicated server France will be placed in one of the most high equipped data centers around the world. Thanks to the new cooling technology which is used in the data center server provided to clients at a reduced price, the cooling system can save up to 90%, which means customers do not have to overpay. Moreover datacenter built on new technology without the use of raised floors and without racks, it allows for a more make effective cooling of the server by passing air flows through them without stopping the flow of air, which means your rented server will not overheat. Accessing servers have only highly qualified staff datacenter and protection, which monitors the work of the data center 24 hours a day through a video surveillance system, which is set around the data center.

Focus on innovation
Due to the high technological advantages, such as an exclusive server cooling system, data center always keeps environmental and conservation work in the process of dedicated server France mantainance.

Optimized model
Dedicated server France are located directly in the data center. Every day up to 400 physical servers are going to "just in time" in accordance with customer needs.

A powerful global network

Its fiber-optic network deployed throughout the world is a unique infrastructure in the web hosting market. Its really amazing characteristics: 2 Tbps bandwidth, sharing 33 points on 3 different continents and prompt service 24/7.

The advantages of dedicated server France:

- Free anti-DDOS;

- All hardware server Xeon;

- Unlimited traffic on port 500 Mbps guaranteed;

- Remote reboot, rescue mode;

- Free installation / reinstallation of the operating system with Linux should be broken down, FreeBSD, Windows;

- Panels IspManager management, cPanel, DirectAdmin, Virtuozzo.

Disadvantages rent servers in France:

- The server upgrade is not possible in the future;

- Strict attitude to abuses.

On DCXV site you can always find the cost of dedicated server France and other services as well as to order one that will suit your needs.