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How to choose a hosting service for online store or another site?

By the very definition of "hosting" it is understang the place where your site files are located on the Internet. You can draw an analogy with offline, and in this case, the comparison with the hosting renting premises will be the most accurate for the opening of the store. Only instead of square meters there will be megabytes. In fact, we are talking about a remote computer (server) that hosts the files of your project.

In general, hosting or dedicated server for sale online is no different from the usual host for the site, only by selecting it it’s necessary to pay special attention to a number of factors. We will explain in this article on what factors to pay attention to and what are the main types of hosting and differences between them.

Why is it important?

Entrepreneurs are not always have enough responsible approach for hosting choice of their project. In vain, because online store by definition is a commercial project which is characterized by an increased requirement for stability.

In case of problems on the side of the hosting and dedicated server company and online store will not be available that means that visitors who will go to the site at this time won’t make any order and you will lose profits. During high season traffic of the online store can grow significantly. Accordingly, the host has the necessary headroom to sustain such growth. Otherwise, instead of profit growth you will get a broken site and lack of sales.

Types of hosting

Depending on the available resources and features of work several types are identify, which also differ from each other and the price:

shared hosting;

Virtual Dedicated Server (VPS / VDS);

dedicated server for sale.

Let's see what the characteristics of each of them and when you should choose one or the other option for their online store.

Shared Hosting for an online store. The most affordable option the value of which usually starts at $ 5 per month. You get a separate place on the physical server that is beyond your project is located, and many other sites. Suitable for: Internet shopping with attendance up 1000-1500 visitors a day.

Virtual dedicated server (VPS / VDS). As is the case with the previous version of hosting space and server resources you have to share with the "neighbors". But now these "neighbors" will not be a hundred, but only two or three. Suitable for: dedicated server rental costs an average of $ 20-50 per month and allows the site to maintain an online store attendance from 5000 to 15 000 visitors daily.

Dedicated server for sale. This hosting option is the most expensive because it involves placing the customer online store on a separate physical server, which is located on the technical site hosting provider. Suitable for: the only really large and successful online shopping site traffic which makes tens of thousands of users on a daily basis and continues to grow.

So the result?

As you can see, there are only three options and it facilitate their choice. The most understandable metrics for choosing a particular type of web hosting is exactly attendance online store and reliable dedicated server company. We hope this article will help you get answers to questions regarding the choice of hosting for your sales and dedicated server company.