Chose a dedicated server for a site in Europe

Who needs to chose a dedicated server for a site in Europe?

In order to host your site on the Internet you need hosting. It is obvious. But hosting - it can be different. And this word is sometimes used to name so different services, that hosterd need to specify what does user mean.

A dedicated server for a site is essentially a web server. Its configuration can be completely different and depends on the web resource placed on it: the complexity of the scripts used, the number of simultaneous visitors, and the services used on it. Therefore, it is difficult to give unambiguous recommendations for configuration.

Rent of a dedicated server for a site can be called the best solution for those who do not want to overpay for the purchase of the server, or to put up with the inadequate capacity of regular hosting. At the same time, you completely control the dedicated server at the root level, so you do not need to change the settings at your discretion, install the necessary software, etc.

A dedicated server for a site is the best option when using significant amounts of information. It is a must for:

  • Small providers;

  • Web design studios;

  • Corporate clients;

  • Content projects;

  • Popular web portals;

  • Online shopping.

Why is DCXV`s a dedicated server for a site so popular?


All servers are connected to uninterruptible power supplies. In addition, the data center takes energy from two independent substations and solar panels. Also, we have a diesel generator with a fuel reserve for a 48 haours of work.

High- quality equipment

All our a dedicated server for a site are manufactured by NEC. In the event of equipment failure, there is a warehouse reserve sufficient to replace all operated servers. Our technology does not overheat due to the advanced heat extraction and recovery system.

Competitive prices

Only here you can find quality service at the most reasonable prices in the EU.


You can completely concentrate on your business, and we will ensure its uninterrupted operation in 24/7 mode.