Dedicated server offers in Europe from DCXV

In what cases you should choose dedicated server offers?

Let's start with the fact that if you have a website, then it must be somewhere "located". Options are actually a little bit. Web hosting are:

- Free of charge,

- Virtual,

- Dedicated virtual,

- Dedicated.

About each similar to the housing:

  • free - worse than a student's hostel, because there is nothing you do not own and conditions almost unbearable;

  • virtual - it is something like a socialist communal or Western Hostel: a three-tiered beds, a kitchen and a bathroom at all, continuous leveling, cramped and no freedom;

  • dedicated virtual - it is from the era of developed socialism, when people from the communal slowly and surely reached for his own dwelling, albeit modest, small-format, but his;

  • dedicated server offers - the apotheosis of independence and freedom: a house where you autocratic boss.

But throw out the irony and allegory. Dedicated server offers - quite a serious matter that requires competence and professional approach. Especially when it comes to a dedicated server. It is no coincidence this kind of server is the ideal choice of accommodation sites and other information, since all the elements of a dedicated server: equipment, operating system, software - owned by one single master. The owners of the data center, offering along with the virtual, dedicated virtual and virtual servers, the latter includes a special piety and surround them with all sorts of benefits: an appropriate climate, stable power, high-performance Internet channels, guarantee regular backup of all information on your website and provide other amenities.

Generally, dedicated server offers are selected in the following cases:

when your site has high traffic areas;

when placed on a site heavy files such as video;

For enhanced security when your resource or other source of information and you want to protect it from unexpected "surprises" (viruses, spam and t.d.0;

when you want to and have the appropriate skills to manage such a project;

when you have your own equipment, you need the data center services (professional services of your server).

We would like to stay in more detail on the last point. It is known that the higher the freedom, the greater the responsibility and requirements imposed on the person who has this freedom. In the case of the same dedicated servers. Yes, with dedicated server offers server will be entirely your (so he, of course, is more expensive than the other options for servers). He will be your so that all the server configuration, software updates, troubleshooting problems in the operating system or software and other matters are delegated exclusively to you, too, associated with the virtual server life. Or your server administrator. In other words, you get into the possession of luxury furnished apartments, and what kind of life you breathe in them - this is your business, professionalism and experience. That is to say, the pitfalls of dedicated servers.

But if you have in state a highly competent administrator, able to properly configure the server and to continue to maintain its stable effective work than dedicated servers advantages are even more obvious.