cPanel hosting in Europe

Get cPanel hosting in Europe

cPanel hosting - this is one of the most popular services for site location. The virtual in this case is that a physical server with a unique IP-address may be located many sites. At the same DNS-suffix indicates the server IP-address, and domain name server provides access to the declared resource. Sites are server users to their home directories in which files are located site. Between them there is resource sharing hardware and server software. In addition, the server is running a database management system, access to which is also part of a shared hosting service. The amount of disk space available sites and databases on the hosting depends on the tariff plan. cPanel hosting is an inexpensive service and good fit small sites with an average attendance.

With cPanel panel, hosting becomes convenient even for just started to use it yet. This control panel allows you to control all management processes from registration of email boxes and to work with databases. cPanel hosting has built in default utility that provides ready-to-use scripts in an amount of about 50 pieces. In addition to standard features, also has an expanded set of options to maintain operations for hosting resale.

The main pros of cPanel hosting can be called as follows:

  • intuitive interface for novice users;

  • work in the most popular browsers;

  • no problems when transferring to another site server provider that provides the same panel.

However, the cPanel hosting has also cons:

  1. the advanced user panel can be inconvenient because it does not provide the possibility of fine-tuning;

  2. engine of panel is quite old, and the development of updates recently slowed down, which often causes a malfunction of the panel with custom server configurations;

  3. due to the fact that the panel operates using non-standard ports may be a problem with access to it is not a personal device.

  4. write closed source software panel.

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