Cost of dedicated server in Europe

What objectives the cost of dedicated server cosists?

Many clients, as their projects grow, come to the conclusion that the power of virtual hosting is not enough, but it is impossible or unprofitable for them to purchase their own server and connect to the Internet. In such cases, we are ready to provide the necessary equipment on a rental basis and to inform You about cost of dedicated server.

Rental server is ideal for projects with a limited life, as well as for business projects in the testing or promotion phase. A set of typical configurations allows the use of server leases for Internet projects and information systems of any complexity. If none of the typical configurations are suitable for your purposes, we can configure the server according to your order and to tell you the cost of dedicated server. The owner of a dedicated server is free to change the configuration of the computer, install any operating system, conduct any technical work on the server - this will not interfere with the operation of other services and servers.

What cost of dedicated server does the includes:

  • Unlimited traffic;

  • All server resources are at your sole disposal;

  • You choose the power of your server;

  • The ability to implement any specific requirements for the settings of system-wide software;

  • Special software installations

The cost of dedicated server is determined by the technical parameters of the components, and the estimated amount of traffic. The company's website has comprehensive information on current tariff models. Here you can also order a Windows server rental. Having chosen the tariff model of interest, proceed to ordering online. Please note that the cost of the Windows license is not included directly in the price of the rental service of the dedicated server. You can specify the required license when ordering the corresponding product or use the license that you already have.

Freedom of action

Dedicated server has the greatest among all hosting services capabilities. The user has all the flexibility of settings and a full selection of software. On DCXV site you can find cost of dedicated server and prices of other solutions as well as to order the one that will suit your need.