Cost of dedicated server

Why does the cost of dedicated server is higher then virtual?

Unlike other types of hosting, where the site is hosted on virtual servers, hosting type "Dedicated Server» provides a service for which the customer has at his disposal a physical server. This gives a lot of advantages a dedicated server.

This type of hosting is usually chosen for Internet projects with high demands on resources and the cost of dedicated server is quite high. The site or sites that are on a dedicated server, getting all of the system resources without any restrictions. In addition, a dedicated server you can put absolutely any software, including the author - no one was allowed to make such a virtual hosting.

A dedicated server is completely at the customer's disposal - is both a plus and a minus. The advantage is the ability to completely on your own to manage the server, as minus is that the client can do not have time or expertise to fully manage a dedicated server.

We have two options for you

Thereby the dedicated server service is provided in two forms: with administration support or not. The work of non-performing dedicated servers depends entirely on the client, the hoster could only on special request (the ticket) to reboot the server or operating system reinstallation. When choosing such a service as a dedicated server maintained by the customer can rely on the decision of the forces of hosting some of the typical problems, such as installing and reinstalling the software. In general, the range of tasks to be solved by the hoster can in each case be an individual and depends on the cost of dedicated server.

Dedicated Server - this service is too expensive, and, of course, choose a server for your site you need very carefully. For example, the technical equipment of the data center, which houses a dedicated server - not the last on the criterion of importance. For example, in a data center, equipped with powerful modern ventilation and cooling systems, the risk of overheating the server is minimized. This means that interruptions of the server will be minimal or else they will not be at all but the will cost of dedicated server be high.

The level of staff`s qualification of the data center, serving a dedicated server, also is important. It depends on the qualifications of the staff as quickly and professionally will be eliminated a problem on the server and are restored to normal operation at its sites.

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