New cnn VPS in Europe

Try new cnn VPS service in Europe from DCXV (Xivicom) Company

Virtual high-frequency servers for mobile devices, connected to them traffic exchange resources so that hosting in the EU would offer the client an exceptionally high quality of communication. The servers are configured quickly and flexibly, without loss of management functionality, all for a nominal fee. Modern software of Lithuanian provides an opportunity for VPS / VDS - services to offer a number of additional services on favorable terms.

The capabilities of the virtual are similar to the physical - dedicated. The low cost of the service is explained by the reduction in the costs of supporting and maintaining VPS - by placing a large number of servers on the same carrier. The advantages of the VPS include: own IP-address, full root access, filters and ports, which makes it possible to configure any parameters on a VPS server, install the necessary software, perform various file operations on the system.

What does client get with cnn VPS from DCXV company?

Performance. SSD hosting shows the maximum performance and speed for sites that use databases - these are online stores and sites with a lot of content.

Speed. SSD drives are up to 10 times faster when reading / writing data (up to 600 MB / s) and allow up to 400 times more I / O (up to 80,000 IOPS).

Reliability. The disk system has a mirror massif of SSD disks RAID, which provides additional data security level.

Flexibility. By default, PHP 7 is installed on every server, which will speed up the work of sites and give new opportunities in creating and debugging applications. In the settings you can change the version in PHP 5.3, PHP 5.6.

Also as an option, a server will be the best option for an enthusiast who wants to master the principles of the dedicated server perfectly. Also, this move will allow you to learn how to administer the server yourself, manage its power. In this case, you will not have to purchase either the equipment itself, or spend money on maintenance and repair of the computer at home, but at the same time all the opportunities for experimentation and skill refining will be fully available.

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