Cloud VPS

Cloud VPS - unlimited resources at your disposal

Gigahertz of processors and cores, gigabytes of RAM, terabytes of storage, slow storage, fast storage, very fast storage, firewall, controlling switch, own VLAN, redundancy and fault tolerance - all this can be yours within 3 minutes after registration . Our cloud VPS provide an opportunity to build a complex virtual infrastructure without having to worry about the investment in equipment and without spending time - we have everything prepared for you.

You can scale cloud VPS hosting in according with the growth of your project at any time, until the complete and sole use of all server. You will not be limited to a maximum VPS-up server, you can select your server up to 24 processors and 90 GB of memory. Well, if you want to try the usual format of packets, then we have options of convenient configurations for various purposes. Sign up and start working.

Who needs Cloud VPS

1. IT-companies

With cloud VPS you can embody all the diversity of enterprise solutions from integrated logistics systems to hundreds of workstations. You can post on our cloud infrastructure own databases, application servers, domain controllers and everything else that you can imagine. Customize own network and interconnection VPS. And you can work with cloud infrastructure remotely, without the need to keep own system administrators staff.

2. Developers

You will be able to work with cloud VPS as a platform for a complete DTAP cycle. Given the possibility of copying (cloning) disks, you can use for each project different drives and run a virtual server with the correct drive, paying only for the time drives immediate operation of your VPS.

3. Startupers

Any new and original idea, whether it's a website or application that requires at least a rough calculation of the required server resources. You can not know with absolute precision how quickly grow attendance and popularity of the resource, how quickly will project increase. But do not worry about it, if you select the Cloud VPS hosting. Because at the moment when it becomes desired for your project, the necessary amount of resources can simply be derived from the cloud.

If your goal - maximum savings, the project will not grow, and if it is known how many resources you need - use the classic VPS from DCXV. It is extremely easy to use and proven technology for your projects.

If the maximum capacity is important (especially the disk subsystem), the maximum fault tolerance and use of the service is planned to accommodate corporate resources - you need to use DCXV cloud VPS. The cloud can allow you to save, if you reduce the amount of resources available servers when the load is less. On the other side the cloud can allow your design to withstand the increasing load, as you can simply add the required amount of resources to choose from (CPU, RAM, disk) server.