Cloud server SSD

New cloud server SSD solution from DCXV Company

Cloud Server SSD Platform - an infrastructure that allows you to focus on business problems rather than hardware. Develop effective applications that run services and applications on the cloud with a few clicks - you have on hand the necessary tools for an easy start. DCXV provides the ability of rapid scale of infrastructure after user requirements. Cloud platform allows to ensure constant availability of your applications and business continuity.

More promising for placement sites, in our opinion, is the model of cloud server SSD PaaS (Platform as a Service) provides ready to use services for developers for a nominal fee. This model allows you to get the services of high-availability and fault tolerance, due to properties of computational flexibility to ensure that the necessary system resources to each site, and to make scaling of computing resources without stopping the service.

Description of cloud server SSD platform

Cloud server is located on a failover cluster, consisting of a pool of Intel Xeon 56xx series of EMC VNX storage system of high-performance servers. It is a modern, ultra-secure method of data placement, built on the platform of the world of VMware virtualization leader.

For storage platform DCXV use the new generation of EMC VNX, which is equipped with the CPU Intel series Quad Core Xeon 5600 and internal disk interface SAS 6 Gb / s. Tiered storage that combines the use of flash drives and SSD drives, as well as placing the most active data in the cache memory, gives to cloud server SSD high performance and easy to cope with the massive demands.

Clear, transparent and 100% predictable IT budget

With cloud server SSD form DCXV you always use only the resource pool, which you really need, and pay only for it. Using the cloud, you do not incur capital expenditure for the purchase of equipment and software support and update it. In the medium and long term DCXV is always economically attractive than purchase of own equipment, offers hosting providers and cloud hosting services of a similar class.

On DCXV site you can always find the cost of cloud server SSD and other solitions as well as to order the one that will suit your needs.