cloud hosting providers

Introduction to the world of cloud hosting providers

The benefits of cloud technologies and some problems of virtual hosting, which will be mentioned below, have forced us to ponder the question: how much is easy to place the site on the cloud hosting and what you need to know about cloud hosting providers.

As a rule, hosting referred to as the first cloud computing model - Infrastructure as a Service ( IaaS) which provides the user with basic computing resources on which it can deploy and run arbitrary software. In other words, cloud hosting is positioned as an alternative to the rental service server (Dedicated Server) or the virtual machine (VDS), which implies a higher cost than the site placing on a shared host.

One of the important advantages of cloud hosting is the economy. This is due to the absence of cloud hosting providers need to invest a large sum in the initial stages of the project, as well as the possibility of the scheme pay "how much to spend so much and paid." However, the minimum configuration, which can be purchased, often exceeds the demand for computing resources. Also provider still need to purchase software licenses.

Now, let’s talk about that does not satisfies us on a virtual server. A well-known problem of "bad neighbors", when an increase in load on one site slows or blocks the other. This problem is solved by the fact that the cloud hosting providers impose restrictions of system resources. It is very uncomfortable - like having to put the limiter 60 km / h speed in your car if you want to go faster you have to pay extra.

Cloud is future of web hosting

More promising for placement sites, in our opinion, is the model of cloud computing PaaS (Platform as a Service) provides ready for ust services for developers for a nominal fee. This model allows you to get the services of high-availability and fault tolerance, due to properties of computational flexibility to ensure that the necessary system resources to each site, and to make scaling of computing resources without stopping the service use.

Cloud hosting providers like data center DCXV satisfies the needs of projects of any complexity. When originally allocated resources to perform server tasks is not enough to increase the amount of RAM and disk space can be a matter of minutes. The test period for placement sites is 1 week. If possible hosting of sites is not enough for your project, we can provide a dedicated virtual server. You always can test cloud hosting services for your site or project from DCXV Company. Just contact our sales department or go through 1 minute online registration.