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Top secret: how to choose best dedicated server provider

Let's reveal some secrets of choosing best dedicated server provider which you can rent dedicated server. When the entire Internet is full of different proposals of server rent you ask yourself question: how to make the right choices and avoid mistakes? Here are some important points which you have to pay attention to:

• Technical support. If in the future you do not want to regret and spend your time moving to new Internet service provider, you should opt for a company that specializes in this type of services. Provider that has phone support, ticketing system and most importantly experienced staff who can help you in difficult times. Otherwise, you will very quickly realize that you are losing money when your dedicated server problems occur and you can’t get help in a reasonable time due to lack of provider’s technical support. You need to remember that "time is money" and losing time as a result of the help of standby you will lose your money. The advantage of the service of technical support will be an opportunity to reboot a hung server on nutrition through power distribution units (PDU) with a connection to the Internet. APC releases that equipment and many providers have already begun to equip their dedicated servers with such devices. Other things being equal we recommend you to choose those data center which has the power management device.

• Do not believe it when somebody claims that "uptime (uptime) of our server reaches 100%." It just does not happen. Any server is overloaded at least from time to time for the updates that come out often enough. Choose honest company that has established itself on the market of dedicated servers. The company must be registered as a legal entity, it must have the appropriate licenses for telematic services and data transmission. The website provider should be an office address, phone. If it has only an email it is a reason to doubt the solidity of the company.

• Low prices. Price has a lot to say about the quality of service that is offered. Dedicated server can not be cheap for one simple reason: because it is not profitable. Do the math to pass the server provider need to buy it first plus technical support and service of the server. Server price consists of these costs. If you receive an offer to buy server for almost the price colocation then almost certainly the company saves on Internet channels or technical support. In case of data loss no one will help you.

• If the company has in the presence many similar servers it is almost certainly that in the case of failure of any of its parts company can quickly change or eventually replace the server by moving hard disks to a new chassis. This will reduce the potential downtime. When renting just ask whether there are currently 2 or 3 of the same server, and then add the answer that for now you are going take only one.

• Try to choose provider that has its own data center (DC). In this case, you will almost certainly be able to get the best conditions for traffic. The provider that owns the data center has multiple uplinks, buying traffic at lower prices (due to large volume) than smaller providers who are engaged only in reselling (or resale) servers. Again in the case of reselling when you are contacting technical support it always will be one extra link between you and those who are directly served by the server. Think about it.

These 5 tips will help you avoid common mistakes in selecting best dedicated server provider. We believe that best dedicated server hosting UK you can find by using services of DCXV company. We hope this material proved to be useful.