The cheapest web hosting service -server in Europe

Choosing the cheapest web hosting service with DCXV Company specialists

On the market of Internet technologies it is difficult to find a marketable service than web hosting. If you are not satisfied with your hosting company or you are looking for the cheapest web hosting service provider for a new project, then in this article you will learn why you should choose DCXV.

Our company started to provide hosting services more than a decade ago. Behind this impressive period we managed to acquire considerable experience in providing hosting services. Therefore, our servers are running reliably, tariff plans are reasonably priced, and customers leave positive feedback. In addition, we are the first company in the Lithuanian market of hosting that offers rental of the cheapest web hosting service. Also here you can order the following services: virtual server, dedicated hosting, VDS. Excellent DCXV reviews and free trial period - it's enough to make a choice in our favor.

If you choose virtual dedicated hosting from DCXV, then also be prepared for a pleasant surprise. Our servers use popular XEN virtualization technology with high performance. Read DCXV reviews - all of our clients confirm that you will receive the stated power even using the cheapest web hosting service.

Our company is not standing still and is constantly growing and evolving. As part of the change of strategy it was decided to gradually withdraw from providing web hosting services. At the moment, we have already stopped accepting new orders for this service. Support for the cheapest web hosting service we are continuing to provide, so existing customers can continue to use this service.

At the same time, we recommend to pay your attention to a more reliable service - Virtual Private Server (VDS). For this service for the client has not only space on your hard disk, and memory and processing power, which does not need to share the server with other users, as it comes to web hosting. Furthermore VDS gets an IP, which eliminates the possibility to get into the spam list because of the incorrect actions of other users. Who wishes to get advice on the transfer of your data from the cheapest web hosting service on VDS do not hesitate to contact DCXV managers.