Cheap Windows VPS in Europe

Choose cheap Windows VPS from DCXV Company

Cheap Windows VPS - is the best choice for projects that "outgrown" the possibility of shared hosting, but not yet ready enough to invest in them a lot of money. As is well known, few providers offer a free VPS test period, and even less of its duration is 3-5 days. That is why the site is transferred to the virtual private server is better to try out his work on the minimal configuration to subsequently make more informed choices.

Tip: When you purchase the cheap Windows VPS beware of companies that refuse to provide information about the number of virtual machines hosted on a physical server. Sometimes for such cheap Windows VPS is hidden "gray" provider that is simply not able to provide competent support for all users, and the server, based on which the VPS working, can not be located in the data center, and in the apartment of the owner of the hosting. In order to best protect your project when you place it on the cheap VDS / VPS, choose the company with the highest rating.

Post your sites to SSD

SSD drives will significantly increase the speed of work, and hence the position of sites. For all clients - convenient hosting control panel (ISPManager, WHM / CPanel), a free trial period and ongoing promotions. Our Help Desk operates 24/7 without weekends and holidays, all for the sake of the stability of your sites and cheap Windows VPS work.

Only high quality cheap Windows VPS or Linux. We offer our clients competitive rates, reliable servers and unlimited traffic. One free domain. Recently accounts of our customers have migrated to more powerful servers. Henceforth DCXV offers hosting only on SSD drives.

What will you get?

Order cheap Windows VPS - which means to buy a ready-made solution that allows you to get started right away. After ordering the service and its payment you will get access to your dedicated server. Going into the control panel, as an administrator, you can set your system settings, install the necessary software and is only part of the opportunities provided by the UPU windose hosted on Hyper-V-based.

On DCXV site you can find cheap Windows VPS and prices of other solutions as well as to order the one that will suit your needs.