Cheap Windows dedicated server

What are you getting with cheap Windows dedicated server from DCXV?

Cheap Windows dedicated server is not only economical - it is also very easy to use. After paying for server, the customer will have administrative privileges, which gives him the right to perform any convenient it set up the system, in particular, to establish its software, create new users, and others. At the same time, cheap Windows dedicated server can be used not only for placing Internet resources . With it, You can maintain and other services, it can also be used as a remote desktop. Moreover, all applications that are located on the service will be available to any users connected to the Internet. This allows the necessary software to work directly with the server, and they are available for each remote user.

The hardware and Data Center

For users of cheap Windows dedicated servers we use only high-end servers based on Intel Xeon processors 32-128Gb DDR3 ECC RAM. All master nodes are equipped with a hardware RAID controller with high-speed SSD Intel drives. Servers are located in our own European DC, which is connected to the main points of traffic exchange on a high-speed fiber optic cables, which provides the best speed of access to your server from anywhere in the world, including Russia and the United States.

Traffic and Connection

All servers are connected to the customer a guaranteed 100Mbps speed, on a monthly basis is provided 10 000 GB traffic (without separation of the incoming / outgoing), it is not necessary to comply with any ratio. Additional traffic costs only 2 euros for 1TB (1 000GB), can be connected with unlimited traffic. For more details, please contact the Sales Department.

Complete automation

We have successfully created a system with maximum automation of all processes. Starting from processing the order to automatically remove non-performing servers - everything happens automatically. Also we offer to customers the opportunity to self-reboot and reinstall your server. In addition, it is possible to round the clock access to KVMoIP server console. You will have all possible tools for efficient and complete control.

Rental of cheap Windows dedicated servers in DCXV data center provide you with not only great opportunities for your projects, but also high quality equipment at the best terms. Purchase or rent Windows server for one of our sites offers fully stocked with all the settings ready for use Windows dedicated server.