Cheap web hosting reseller in Europe from DCXV

How to find reliable but cheap web hosting reseller?

Do you want to become a cheap web hosting reseller? We are pleased to introduce to you a unique opportunity - to become a reseller at special price!

Reselling - one of the most popular today business web hosting, comprising the lease of the server with the subsequent resale. Renting part of the disk space and a certain amount of traffic, you can make your own by means of a simple control panel, create their tariff plans and resell web hosting to their customers or to use all the resources only for their web projects.

This is particularly useful if you already have some pretty big projects. Combining them into one account, it will be easier to manage them, analyze statistics and to plan further development. Not to mention the fact that the purchase of "bulk" of the server greatly save your money.

As your company grows, you can always buy more as the resources and go on your own server. This means that on the initial stage of your company’s functioning you do not have high investment required!

In addition, for all cheap web hosting reseller we offer the opportunity to register domains at very competitive prices! And your customers will be confident that their domain is registered you as a web hosting company. This provides you complete privacy!

"Overselling" means that you can create and sell as many accounts as would not really worked out your resources, that means disk space and/or traffic. It is no secret that many hosting providers do not provide such an opportunity for cheap web hosting reseller.

If you disable "overselling" by creating, for example, 10 tariff plans of 500 MB, you thereby develop bought 5 GB, even if your actual customers will use only 300-400 MB of disk space. As a result, you will need to buy more space. As for us, you are only limited by the actual output of your customers. You can build and 10, and 20, and 30 tariff plans with 500 MB - as long as your customers do not really work out 5 GB of space.

So, today we offer reselling on servers in Europe. All plans include Cpanel installed with English/Russian rv-skin!

Attention! Terms of "Reseller" plan are:

- Your timely payment of our services;

- The unconditional observance of you and your customers with our policies;

To order a cheap web hosting reseller plan you can simply apply.