Cheap VPS server in Europe

XV offers to choose cheap VPS server instead of hosting

The problem of the right choice of low price server is always relevant for site owners. All sites, in terms of hosting requirements, can be divided into the following three groups. The management capabilities of the owner of a virtual VPS server are the same as for a physical server, from viewing and managing the work of the virtual server to complete reinstallation. In combination with a much lower price, it makes such server one of the most successful solutions. For a small price you get the maximum amount of resources for the development of your site. Also, when renting a virtual server, you are given the opportunity to install operating systems - FreeBSD, Debian, CentOS and Windows Server. If necessary, you can always call us, we will help you choose the most suitable tariff and fully consult.

In other words, cheap VPS server is needed for such projects that:

  • Outgrowing the original small sites, they no longer have available resources;

  • Are initially developed taking into account large loads;

  • Require increased security and isolation from other customers.

  • Most often, these are online stores, large portals and similar projects that are conducted in the small and medium business.

We claim that DCXV`s cheap VPS server is a really good offer: our price is an order of magnitude lower than renting a dedicated server. Understanding all responsibility of the right choice of hosting, we make a series of additional steps towards you, our client. These steps should facilitate your choice:

For you we have developed a convenient line of tariffs that differ in the size of the operational, disk memory and CPU;

The tariff of any server can be chosen taking into account the needs of your projects without overpaying for unused resources;

If you order any tariff for more than a year, you will receive an additional discount.

But that is not all…

If you are not yet fully convinced of the technical advantages and unprecedented profitability of our offers, we give you the opportunity to order cheap server for the test period, that is, use it completely free for 10 days. During this period you will be able to assess in practice all of its advantages.