Cheap virtual server hosting

Meet the best cheap virtual server hosting in Europe

Cheap does not mean bad. In this review we will test fast and reliable virtual cloud servers for very modest money. The maximum price for cheap virtual server hosting is 5 EURO per month at no additional hidden fees.

Is this possible? Yes and yes! Moreover, before writing this review we spent testing and monitoring of the servers for several months. The results of this test you can resd here.

Why do you need virtual private server

It is above all independence. You do not have to share CPU, memory, disk space, and IP address. In the second — you are own master. You install software that you need to configure, use the cheap virtual server hosting and how you want it.

How to choose a cheap virtual server hosting

From a technical point of view, the correct virtual server should be as similar to a real dedicated server. That is, the virtualization system must emulate real hardware. And the software does not know that it is running on a virtual machine. Or know, but do not need to make changes to work in a virtual environment in it. DCXV company offers the virtual servers using hardware virtualization on VmWare and KVM.

Description of the advantages and disadvantages of each of them is beyond the scope of this review. But if the cheap virtual server hosting provider offers virtual servers on the hardware virtualization system, it is necessary to give preference to such virtual servers.

Hosting provider DCXV

Adman offers favorable conditions for renting virtual VPS (VDS) and physical servers, which are distinguished by an ideal ratio of price - quality. All Adman's servers are located in a secure data center. We are using only modern equipment. The company has a very fast technical support.

On DCXV site you can always find the list of cheap virtual server hosting solutions and other services as well as to order one that will suit your needs.