Cheap unlimited web hosting

Why cheap unlimited web hosting is not actually unlimited?

Many hosting providers, in particular, this applies to the foreign market, offering customers cheap unlimited web hosting tariff plans. Unlimited disk space, unlimited email, unlimited websites, unlimited bandwidth, and so on, unlimited services list goes on.

All this sounds great, and it attracts many people. But in this article we would like to clarify a little bit, and point to the "pitfalls" and hidden restrictions such tariffs.

The first thing you need to understand that in the world there is unlimited storage media, memory, and other online channels, respectively, and unlimited tariffs are not. Such rates no more than a marketing ploy companies. If we make a simple analysis, it becomes clear marketing logic, although it is possible to understand and without analysis. More than 95% of client sites just do not need a large amount of memory, do not consume a huge flow of traffic and do not create a large load on the server. The remaining customers who do not fall into this category, you can convert a server or simply ask for the exit.

Consider the basic cheap unlimited web hosting in more detail:
1. Unlimited disk space

Absolutely all the hosting providers have a limit on the number of files stored on the server. As a rule, the number of files should not exceed 200 thousand, in rare cases, this figure is more, but more than 500,000 you will hardly find. It is often hidden and learn about it, you can read the rules thoroughly or ask a direct question about this restriction. Accordingly, if you think you can for 5 bucks a month to organize the sharing, then you are deeply mistaken. You just nobody will do it.

2. Unlimited number of sites on the same tariff plan
It may indeed be true, and most likely there will be no hidden restrictions. But you must understand that every site creates a certain load on the server (if they are running), respectively, in 1000 to place sites you are unlikely to succeed. Plus, do not forget to set a limit on the number of files.

3. Unlimited bandwidth
It is worth noting that all providers pay for the traffic they have limits beyond which pulls a surcharge or reduction in bandwidth. And in fact, there is no unlimited traffic it was not and never will be. The basis of the reason why all the host does not limit the traffic to the host - it is limits for the load that will not allow you to consume an appreciable amount of traffic for the host. Well in excess of the load, at least you will be asked to move to a VPS or dedicated server, where the traffic is strictly limited.

4. Unlimited number of mailboxes
Every, even cheap unlimited web hosting, has a limit on the number of sent and received e-mails. Usually it is not more than 10 000 letters per day, usually 1,000 - 2,000 letters. At constant exceeded Your mail will be just shut off. Accordingly, even creating a huge number of mailboxes, use can’t use them fully.

That's the basic principle of " cheap unlimited web hosting service" to which the bribe of its customers. On the one hand such tariffs more convenient, you at least there is no need to monitor the disk space, on the other hand they are often more expensive, and you can just pay for the fact you do not need no-limit.