Cheap server in Europe

Looking for cheap server in Europe? DCXV is perfect solution

What is included in the price of VDS / VPS hosting?

Why some cheap server is cost only about a ten USD per month, while others server are several times more? Dedicated to VPS client is part of the resources provided by the client to the host system, so-called "hypervisor". Hypervisor - operating system, which allows the simultaneous parallel execution of multiple operating systems on the same computer. The hypervisor also provides insulation VPS operating systems from each other, defense and security division of resources between the various operating systems running and management.

Can I rent cheap server

In fact, since the server rental provides the user with a pretty great features, its price will be higher than the cost of virtual hosting services. Nevertheless, to rent a cheap server is possible. On our website you will be able to rent a cheap server or VDS server in the US and Europe at low prices. At the same time we guarantee that you will get exactly you paid amounts of memory, disk space and CPU time, as specified server virtualization based on KVM technology, XEN, OpenVZ, eliminates the possibility of double sale of one resource. Our experts will always render you the necessary advice and technical support and will help to make the best choice.

Who is interested in cheap server rental?

  • Owners of projects with high traffic. If the standard hosting not withstand the load, you can go on a virtual hosting VDS.

  • Owners of several successful websites and projects. You can place several sites, but it does not collide with the part of the provider restrictions.

  • Owners of sites, which is essential to ensure stability and continuity of the functioning of the system. Using of cheap server allows you to get reliable protection against the risk of intrusion of people, hacking, viruses. Your project becomes more resistant to "DDoS" -attacks.

Our servers are perfect for placing web sites of high traffic, to create your own web hosting business, they will work just fine a variety of scripts that require special configuration software or additional software. Also, our cheap server can be used as part of the service, such as a secondary DNS server, under the Backup Server, a separate database server or mail server. Activation of cheap server is performed automatically after the payment, for about 3-15 minutes after payment.

On DCXV site you can always find the cost of cheap serverand other services as well as to order one that will suit your needs.