Cheap reseller web hosting

Cheap reseller web hosting in Europe from DCXV Company

Cheap reseller web hosting is a type of web hosting wherein the account owner has the right and the ability to use the full hard disk capacity and bandwidth of dedicated channels for him to organize websites on behalf of third parties.

Typically, cheap reseller web hosting receives as a developer, system integrator, or web design studio. They take, as it were hosting itself wholesale and it costs less, and has its customers they sell it more expensive or at cost, when it comes to customer web design studio.

In addition, cheap reseller web hosting is entrepreneurswho wants to create a new company. In general, the majority of hosting companies resellers create your own plan and provide the right set of services to them.

Resellers are also given control panel and full access to it. With it, they can create their own user accounts and server administration.

Cheap reseller web hosting does not require extensive knowledge of the technical aspects of web hosting. In this case, generally enough data center operator who is responsible for keeping the network infrastructure and hardware. Still need a system administrator who configures the software and will monitor the server`s uptime.

With the help of control panel resellers can create and manage their clients according to their needs through a simple interface. They can also use the software. For example MordenBill is one of the most popular for cheap reseller web hosting programs to automate the creation of accounts and payments to customers.

You can: open / close / suspend customer accounts, monitor consumed bandwidth and disk space for each client, change rate plans, and more. You decide how much to give customers: disk space, bandwidth, e-mail boxes, MySQL databases and so on. Create accounts in real time.

For web studios cheap reseller web hosting - it is the perfect tool to combine customers to obtain a substantial savings!