Cheap Linux server hosting

Cheap Linux server hosting offer from DCXV Company

As a general rule, you can get cheap Linux server hosting in several ways. The most common of these is the selection of "free administration" plan when buying a cheap VPS Linux with KVM virtualization will be serviced only by you, but it will have to learn on their own virtual server configuration parameters.

If you are a potential cheap Linux server hosting user, the selection of a virtual dedicated server with Linux - it is primarily a stable job with the minimum possible disruption. As the operating system for dedicated and virtual Linux servers - one of the most popular options.

KVM virtualization technology is relatively young, but it is very popular - it operates the majority of virtual servers. This is hardware virtualization, ie technology downloads to the server's memory a special module and starts the driver, by means of which creates a virtual space in its properties indistinguishable from the real individual server.

Our recommendations on the selection of the cheap Linux server hosting

The main selection criterion - evaluation of processing power, memory, and disk, which has the UPU server in the proposed tariff plan. Repelled by the real needs of your project, but also be aware of the possibility of surge in his popularity and scaling requirements.

Note what operating system supports cheap Linux server hosting. We offer automatic installation of CentOS 6/7, Debian 7/8 or Ubuntu 14/16. The process takes a few minutes and does not require any intervention on your part.

Why you should be interested in our cheap Linux server hosting offer

  • Here you will find the tariff plans to lease, where the cost is calculated taking into account the characteristics of vCPU cores, RAM and the size of available disk space. This is not just an option cheaper the VPS, and reliable and thought-out solution for your business.

  • We offer our customers a test VPS-server for 24 hours. During this time, you can see for yourself the performance and reliability of the solution within the selected tariff plan.

  • All operating costs are cheap due to high automation and competent logistics. We use advanced technical solutions and work closely with software vendors.

  • We provide integrated technical support. You can count on the help of our specialists at any time of the day or night.