Cheap Linux dedicated server

Do you need cheap Linux dedicated server in Europe?

The technical capabilities of the cheap Linux dedicated server operating system allow you to implement projects of any complexity. On VPS / VDS / dedicated server from company DCXV you will be available to get full root access, which allows you to install or configure any software or configuration of any parameters, and thanks to virtualization of OpenVZ you get the best performance, scalability, ease of administration, and more.

If you need a guaranteed of high capacity, providing stable operation and accessibility for users at any time, high reliability and privacy, as well as unlimited bandwidth, then the cheap Linux dedicated server is the perfect solution for you and your business.

We want to put your attention on that fact that the user who receives a dedicated server at your disposal, actually has the right to all the resources that it owns. That is, there is huge scope to select the operating system. In addition, to the authority of the cheap Linux dedicated server owner is free to choose of data base, the ability to install any software to choose from, including selfwritten or unique software, and much more.

Stable operating systems and other solutions

We have prepared for you cheap Linux dedicated server with the most popular operating system for web servers - Debian, Ubuntu and Cent OS and different versions to choose. You can also use popular solutions of tasks, such as the image of Ubuntu LAMP hosting sites, which are already installed and configured Apache, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin and FTP access. We add promptly solutions for cheap Linux dedicated server of new stable operating systems after they are released and thorough testing.

The condition of the cheap Linux dedicated server test period

To test server provided for rent for thr period of 14 days. During the trial period you will be able to perform subscription to premium services, while maintaining the previously made settings. Throughout the entire period of the test you can get access to data trasfer from other hosting, which is very convenient and profitable. You do not need to pay for the service before its actual use.

On DCXV site you can always order the cheap Linux dedicated server and other services as well as to order the one that will suit your needs.