Cheap hosting reseller

Do you wat to become cheap hosting reseller?

Reselling hosting - providing the client processing power and server space for the purpose of reselling it to third parties. Thus, this service opens up the possibility of organizing a subsidiary hosting provider is completely independent from the parent, so called cheap hosting reseller.

Ordering cheap hosting reseller, you will be able to provide your with paid hosting, hosting MYSQL, Ftp-hosting and some other services, the full amount of which depends on the type of the concluded agreement on cooperation with the main host.

When ordering cheap hosting reseller services, it is necessary to take into account several major distinguishing features of services:

  • You become the only owner of your own hosting server, which must be able to configure, protect and ensure the operation of the software;

  • You need to advertise your own services, to attract customers to your hosting to deal with their registration and moderation;

  • Tariffs and structure of service packages is determined only by you, so you can offer the widest possible and convenient package, including cheap hosting;

  • Payment for services provided by the hosting will be credited to you through your own billing system, you will personally control it;

  • You will need to organize your own technical support and customer care.

Cheap hosting reseller for Beginners

Since reselling services attract many web-masters who want to start a business, you need to clearly understand its features and patterns. Next, we present some basic ideas, using which you can organize the paid hosting sites. It is not a straight sequence of actions necessarily lead to success, but only the direction of the motion vector.

Cheap hosting reseller or a reliable web hosting?

The main task of the reseller - to provide a high level of services that will satisfy the client's request. From the perspective of the customer, when you try to buy a hosting service, it must be the reliable hosting. Not all have the desire to order a cheap web hosting, because the low price may be a sign of poor maintenance.

Balancing on the brink between service cost and profitability, every reseller must determine for himselves the scope of the price limmit for which he should not exceed. It should be taken into account when the physical possibilities of the equipment, the type of purchased tariff package, situation on the market and other indicators.

Get the customer - it's only half the succses

If you are able to attract a regular customer - it's good, but you can not stop there yet. By ordering Ftp-hosting, hosting the mysql, or other services, customer of cheap hosting reseller has to get the most out of accompanying services: the transfer site to another hosting, help for setting up the system, the ability at any time to expand the package of services, order the development of software modules for his site and etc.

Working with the company DCXV, each cheap hosting reseller customer getting full support from our side, you can quickly find customers and make the desire to engage in reselling in the hobby, which gives a stable income and bringing fun.