The cheap hosting plans fom DCXV

Learn more about the cheap hosting plans from DCXV Company in Europe

Cheap hosting plans: Your site without worries and money are saved

For easier orientation in hosting plans the scope of hosting services has been created. They are based on DCXV extensive experience and based on the clients' requirements and tasks for easy understanding and use only the necessary resources without unnecessary overpayment for unnecessary services.

All hosting plans, along with the standard features of any hosting service for you is provided a host of other pleasant things - working with e-mail through a Web interface, view statistics of traffic to your site, database management, mail boxes, the FTP-accounts via a convenient and simple Russian language hosting control system.

Also, the data of all our customers, even with cheap hosting plans, are subject of automatic copying. The frequency of backups, you can choose when ordering hosting services. But in any case there is a high initial level of security against loss of data (the default value for all our clients' sites) - is to create a full backup once a week and storing the last two such copies. Copies are made as the entire site and all of its databases. So you can not worry about the safety of your resources.

Conventionally, all of our hosting plans can be divided into three groups according to their intended use, performance, and price:

For small sites of novice website owners - a core group of cheap hosting plans: BASIC-100 BASIC-200 BASIC-400

For normal functional sites and filled with content, with good attendance, stable and developing internet projects DCXV offers two plans. These hosting plans are for websites, securely settled in the Internet. Two versions: ECONOMY and STANDARD.

And the third group consists of business hosting plan. It is intended for large companies that need to accommodate a dozen or more sites.

According to our statistics, now the most widely used by customers is cheap hosting plans BASIC 400.

To get more detail about all our cheap hosting plans proposals you can in the appropriate sections on our site, or by downloading the file to .doc format web hosting plans to review and select the best for your hosting plan in offline mode.

If none of the hosting plans do not suit you, you should not choose a more expensive resources, we always here for you and will be able to find exactly the resources that are needed for your site, and create a user-friendly web hosting plan for you and save your money . Choose the most convenient for you cheap hosting plans, and we will help you with this.