Cheap hosting in Europe

Cheap hosting and reliable provider in Europe

Many tend to think that a cheap hosting - a headache, which will end only after "relocation" of the site to another hosting. A few years ago, this statement no one would have tried to challenge, but today we think a little differently. Now low price - it is rather the result of optimization of the process than an attempt to attract more customers. Tariff plans of DCXV hosting are hard to name expensive, but thanks to discounts and special offers they are almost cheap.

A bit about a extra cheap hosting

Everyone who has faced a low-hosting, the move would call a dozen reasons why it is better not to save, and immediately look at the more expensive, but reliable option. Among the shortcomings of the extra cheap hosting are often distinguished:

  • Insufficient of server capacity. The cheaper the hosting, the more it attracts website owners that may not affect the server's operation. High loads, in turn, leads to malfunction.

  • Page loading is slow. This item is directly related to the previous one. The slower loading pages on your site, the less attractive it becomes for visitors and for search engines.

  • Low uptime. Uptime below 99% - a huge drawback oh extra cheap hosting. After seeing this figure, it is easy to understand how often the site will "be unfound". If the hosting company is not able to solve this problem, the sites of its customers will be one after another disappear out of search engine results.

  • Poor security. Backup and protection from viruses and hacker attacks - the most important task of the host. Otherwise, the user can easily lose own data.

Why DCXV offers cheap hosting?

DCXV prices are quite the average on the hosting market. The secret is that we regularly give discounts. Our offers are focused on the current and potential clients. So, if you just look after, where to buy cheap hosting, you have found the most sensible option. For example, you can save 33% on the first payment for hosting!

Advantages of working with DCXV

Before DCXV started to provide quite generously discounts and cheap hosting we have made several strategic decisions. They include server, located in the best data centers around the world, and the optimization of the overall costs, and more. We faced a difficult task - to maintain a consistently high level of service and thus keep prices down, while the rest of hosters raised them. Not immediately, but we've done it and now we cooperate with thousands of customers on the most favorable conditions.

On DCXV site you can always find the cost of cheap hosting and other solitions as well as to order the one that will suit your needs.