Cheap dedicated Windows servers fom DCXV.

Looking for cheap dedicated windows servers in Europe?

Today many companies offer cheap dedicated Windows servers, however, you need to understand thatwhat often is hidden behind such a proposal in the selection of the server as a place of your web project location.

Firstly, the lowest prices on the market have a dedicated server solutions with the "yesterday" configuration, especially based on Intel Pentium or Celeron (yes, there are such). Any such proposal - it is at least reason to think where and how the equipment is located and by whom it is served.

Second, the best price of server equipment is usually located abroad, more often - in the EU. In this case, before the signing of a long-term contract suggested to test the performance of your websites on the selected cheap dedicated Windows servers to ensure that the placement project overseas will not affect the response time and speed of loading pages and choose the deat one.

Dedicated server
Dedicated Server - a solution for projects that require high quality and maximum stability. At your disposal all the resources of memory, disk and CPU! You alone have full control over the server (root in the case of Linux, by Administrator in the case of Windows Server), no one but you has access to information that is stored on the server. The prices for a dedicated server starts at $ 44. You can rent a dedicated server with server hardware at the best venues in the world - Intel (Xeon, i3, i5, i7) or AMD (Opteron, Athlon) almost any configuration.

Server with Windows
The DCXV company offers cheap dedicated Windows servers with the free Windows. Windows server has its own copy of the system, by Administrator permissions, which allows you to install your own software, to change its configuration. Dedicated server unlike virtual has no restrictions on CPU usage, and disk storage.

Before the order it is necessary to specify the support provider of the hard drives and power supplies hot-swappable. In addition, you need to have server administration experience and be ready to hire the appropriate specialist. It should be borne in mind that when you move all of the data will have to move yourself.

You always can test cheap dedicated Windows servers from DCXV Company. Just reach our sales department or go through 1 minute online registration.