Get cheap dedicated servers Linux in Europe

Get cheap dedicated servers Linux from DCXV (Xivicom) Company

Cheap dedicated servers Linux rental is the service of exclusive use of some CPU time and other resources of the server with preinstalled software, and Internet connection. The plan for the most part it is the operating system control corresponds to a physical dedicated server. In particular: root-access, private IP-addresses, ports, filtering rules and routing tables.

Why and when you may need a cheap dedicated servers Linux for the site?

When renting a dedicated server Linux you get access to all the resources and the server settings. You get complete control and customization freedom. The entire disk system will only be used for your projects and no more virtual servers on your rented discs, no one can affect the read write speed. Rent a server needed for demanding projects to the software to the server capacity, speed. Often at growth visiting sites important time to go on a powerful server (or more) in order not to lose visitors.

You can manage cheap dedicated servers Linux on your own, setting any software that you need. Given the characteristics of the OpenVZ virtualization technology, can be installed only on Linux. In this case the customer has the opportunity to change your mind and re-install the operating system to another. Available operating systems are listed in the tariff plans of dedicated server.

Service of cheap dedicated servers Linux lease is designed for:

Small Business. For additional security, or using non-standard technologies.

To start mid-level internet store.

Medium-sized projects that require non-standard solutions.

Major projects - if you have very visited resource, or it takes too much space.

The project requires the amount of CPU time greater than appears on a virtual server.

DCXV (Xivicom) company provides you with several types of cheap dedicated servers Linux. You can order the required physical dedicated server and select the configuration you want. It will be provided to you for use in over 72 hours after payment. When you order a dedicated server from DCXV client receives rDNS for free.

On DCXV site you can find cheap dedicated servers Linux and prices of other solitions as well as to order the one that will suit your need.