Cheap dedicated servers $20 in Europe

Get cheap dedicated servers $20 in Europe from DCXV Company

According to the type of provided services, the DCXV hosting services are divided into:

Shared hosting. This is the kind of hosting in which many sites are hosted on the same server. This is the most economical form of hosting and it is suitable for small sites.

Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS or VPS) -When you order this hosting, you are given disk space, part of the total memory and server CPU time. It looks the same to the user as a dedicated server, but physically there are several virtual servers on one real server.

Dedicated server. You are given a whole server for use. Hosting company will be responsible for hosting services. Cheap dedicated servers $20 type of hosting is suitable for heavy and large projects or Internet services.

Colocation. The hosting provider provides a location in the data center (the location where the servers and additional equipment are located) of the provider for the client equipment (usually by rack-mounting) and connecting it to the Internet.

The lease of cheap dedicated servers $20 implies the service of transferring to a personal use, through remote access, for a certain period of time a separate server with Internet access. Your dedicated server is provided with a 24-hour uninterrupted power supply, and is monitored by our employees. Our cheap dedicated servers $20 is for those who value quality and consistency. Renting a dedicated server means maximum control over the operation of their projects, this means - to be sure of the safety of all data.

Our cheap dedicated servers $20 already has an installed basic software package, which includes: a licensed version of the Windows operating system that you no longer need to buy, Plesk software for 10 domains is also completely free, and that, probably, will really surprise you, Free software RAID. All this and any other software you can remove and install with the same ease as on your home computer.

But that's not all. Ordering a cheap dedicated servers $20 from DCXV, you also get a professional server management panel, a remote reboot port or Reboot by our specialist - for free, unlimited dFlat traffic and much more. Cheap dedicated servers $20 has the following advantages:

Complete isolation of users from each other;

Full control over the allocated resources;

Ability to place powerful and heavy-load projects;

Assured dedicated resources.

Ability to use your ISO image.