Cheap dedicated server hosting UK

Attractiveness of cheap dedicated server hosting UK

Dedicated server UK has always been one of the most expensive through cheap hosting, but at the same time one of the most high-quality in Europe. This is the location we chose for our VIP-hosting, designed for sites that are demanding of the technical resources of the server. The huge commercial DC whose bandwidth is currently 100 mb/s, is directly connected to the largest providers BT (BT Group) and NTL Telewest.

Our hosting UK runs on two-processor 4-core servers with a level not lower than Intel Xeon E5 with the use of cloud technologies. Used exclusively branded equipment from Dell and CISCO. Servers specialists are engaged in servicing the servers in conjunction with our staff administrators. Each server that serves VIP accounts has a minimum of 32GB of RAM and a dedicated guaranteed 100 mb/s connection.

To minimize risks of cheap hosting work failure, you can place your equipment in specialized data center DCXV, where all the necessary conditions are created to ensure the reliability and fault tolerance of the IT infrastructure.

With cheap dedicated server hosting UK DCXV offers :

  • 24-hour technical support 24x7x365

  • Protection against unauthorized access and anti-virus scanning

  • Reservation of systems and data

  • Continuity and fault tolerance

  • Legal and financial guarantees

  • High level of protection and safety, redundancy of all life support systems according to scheme N + 1 or 2 (N + 1)

  • Security of systems and data from unauthorized access

Additional features of cheap hosting :

  1. Rent of data transmission channels;

  2. Continuous external monitoring of servers, network connections and equipment health;

  3. Protection from DDoS attacks;

  4. Access for independent technical support and administration of equipment;

  5. Technical advice and prompt assistance of certified specialists.

Find out more about the cheap dedicated server hosting UK as well as about other solutions on DCXV (Xivicom) site.