Cheap dedicated server Europe

Looking for cheap dedicated server Europe? Try DCXV (Xivicom) offers!

Project placement on cheap dedicated server Europe assumes that you are the sole user of all resources and can use them at your own discretion - to place bulky databases, as a corporate file server, etc. The only thing is to pay attention to the stage of choosing a dedicated server provider inexpensive - it is to the reputation and reliability of the company that provides such services. Usually small and medium-sized companies lease equipment in specialized data centers, equipped with modern ensure uninterrupted power supply systems, air conditioning and fire fighting. That is why before buying a cheap dedicated server Europe we suggest to find out where the chosen server is located, and the conditions in which it operates.

Renting a dedicated server (even cheap) is an expensive thing, it is a must for large-scale projects with the personal requirements of the server configuration settings that can not be realized on VDS hosting.

Advantages of cheap dedicated server Europe rent

The independence of the server

The main reason for moving from shared hosting or VPS on the physical server - is the lack of facilities for the correct site. Even on cheap dedicated server Europe you can manually control the resources and software settings as you need.

Reliability of a Dedicated Server

The probability of equipment failure on a dedicated server is much lower than on the virtual hosting, as on it in addition to your site on the server resources at the same time claimed a few sites, and depreciation of equipment is much faster. Dedicated Server - a guarantee that your site will work without crashing.

Rent cheap dedicated server Europe

Dedicated server geographically located in Europe, namely in Lithuania, one of the country's best data centers. Rent a server abroad is characterized by stable performance equipment at the expense of infrastructure DC: multiple redundant Internet channels, uninterruptible power supply and autonomous diesel generator units, air-conditioning and temperature of support facilities, modern fire protection.

Low prices for dedicated servers

We always try to go to meet the client and to offer more favorable terms than our competitors as much as possible, and have to say wehave achieved it! Only here you can buy a cheap dedicated server at very low cost! Cheap dedicated server Europe in any case does not affect the quality of services provided, and connected with the procurement at special prices at our partner.

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