?heap dedicated server in Europe

When it time to rent cheap dedicated server? DCXV Company knows the answer

This service will be expedient in many cases:

- for projects designed for high attendance;

- for multiplayer online games;

- for server software for different tasks;

- for a large number of small sites belonging to the same owner.

In such cases, a dedcated server is almost the best option, ensuring the mass character of the game process, on the one hand, and significantly expanding access, on the other. The transfer to individual equipment of resource-intensive computing processes can significantly reduce response time, increase uptime and provide fault tolerance. If there is a sufficiently powerful remote machine, the probability of delays and errors is practically absent, which makes it possible to attract a significant audience.

In the organization of the company's infrastructure, server is useful not only in cases where there is no opportunity to buy physical equipment, but also to improve the protection of data. The storage of the most important databases, organized in this way, deprives a potential attacker of the possibility of obtaining direct access to them. Even if it is possible to crack the network infrastructure of the office and get the superuser's rights, the information on the remote sever will remain inaccessible.

What are disadvantages of cheap dedicated server?

Among the disadvantages, it should be noted that a server requires knowledge of IT technologies. Here you have to manage yourself with a poor ping, reflect DDOS attacks, filter spam and optimize the work. If there is knowledge, or there is an opportunity to order system administration as an additional service, then cheap dedicated server is an excellent option for most sites on the Web. It is used by both large companies for the creation and development of corporate sites, as well as new owners of online stores and message boards.