Cheap dedicated Linux server buy

Looking for cheap dedicated Linux server in Europe?

Today, successful business requires massive use of Internet resources. To this end, the company DCXV is ready to offer you high quality services in the field of lease of a cheap dedicated Linux server.

Renting a dedicated server is an opportunity to build your business in the virtual space more effectively, while paying much less than when buying a server.

Rent of cheap dedicated Linux server is using a dedicated physical server and is an alternative to conventional hosting. Small sites suitable and conventional shared hosting. But the more powerful resources that require additional server-based applications, such as the powerful processor, more RAM, disk space, Windows or Linux software applications are usually not included in the scope of services provided for the site hosting, dedicated server necessarily required for normal trouble-free operation.

Buy a new server can not everyone, but the service in the field of lease of a physical server available at an affordable price.

Rental of cheap dedicated Linux server package includes traditional and powerful server hardware, unlimited bandwidth, high-speed Internet channel up to 100 Mbit / sec., temperature control, uninterrupted power and continuous maintenance.

In addition, companies renting a dedicated server, complete freedom in the choice of software and the ability to remotely administer the leased server KVM access through the console.

Renting a cheap dedicated Linux server , you guarantee the safety of its resources and timely maintenance, and their business - savings on the purchase of a new physical server.