Cheap dedicated hosting server in Europe

Lease of cheap dedicated hosting server can save Your expenses on security

DCXV offers dedicated server. The use of the newest Intel processors based on the 22 nanometer microarchitecture, combined with the increased speed of the supported memory, made it possible to increase the computing power of the servers offered in the lease to 33%, while maintaining the same level of prices. The solutions DCXV offers remained the same wide - from affordable entry-level servers to powerful multiprocessor systems with up to 64 GB of RAM.

With DCXV you can rent a server of almost any configuration even cheap dedicated hosting server. When ordering the server, it is enough to choose the appropriate models and the number of processors, drives, and the desired amount of RAM. After a short time, the server will be ready to work.

The server rental includes a free administration service that includes backup, with the ability to restore files for any of the past 14 days, the provision of an additional 100 GB on the mail server and qualified technical support. But ordering a cheap dedicated hosting server you have to pay for this extra services.

Cheap server the following advantages in comparison with other types of hosting:

  1. Security - No one is hosted on the server, which certainly increases the level of security, reduces the likelihood of hacking or stealing your data.

  2. Minimum response time for the request - Based on the fact that the server is not distracted from your tasks, to others, you get a minimal response time to the request to the server, which will definitely be appreciated by users, your services.

  3. Access via KVM / IP - This allows you to remotely configure the BIOS and software without connecting to the server, also allows you to monitor the technical parameters of the server (the temperature of the voltage consumed power).

  4. Full access to the software - The owner of the dedicated server has the ability to change the configuration of the computer BIOS, install any operating system.

Find out more about the dedicated server as well as about other solutions on DCXV (Xivicom) site.