Cloud VPS server in Europe

Cheap cloud server in Europe from DCXV Company

Cloud VPS / VDS - service on the new generation of cloud-based platform in which you get to rent a cheap cloud server with high performance, high reliability and the required configuration. DCXV infrastructure available in a certified data center in Germany, next door to Adobe's servers, IBM, Yahoo, Microsoft. It provides access to your data on-line at the level of 99.99%+.

Advantages of VDS/VPS cheap cloud server from DCXV

Creating a cloud server from a scratch

Deploying virtual dedicated server and interfaces setting takes a few minutes. You get a virtual machine with the performance at the level of a dedicated server by using virtualization technology. Cloud hosting management is fully automated and intuitive.


Cheap cloud VPS / VDS servers - it's not only speed and efficiency but also a reliable backup procedure. For the safety of your data, we provide a place to store backups with access via NFS or SFTP protocol to a remote repository, flexible tool for managing backups, provide snapshots (snapshot) sections and place them in a separate repository.

Rapid scaling

Your cloud VPS / VDS can grow along with your business. In order to expand the performance of the virtual server, you only need to change the tariff plan.

Work with any OS

You can rent a virtual Linux server, Windows, BSD, OpenSolaris, and we will provide templates guest OS and provide installation of any operating system of the connected image. Each cheap cloud serveris providing with independent resources and complete an isolated environment.

Ease of communication

Our servers are located in EU, and the staff speaks excellent in Russian and understand the features of the business in Eastern Europe. This combination allows you to take full advantage of the European hosting.

High availability

Our storage system has a four reserved structure and guarantees the availability at the level of 99.99%. We provide minimizing downtime associated with failures of servers and operating systems by automatically restarting virtual machines. Maximum possible unavailability of engineering infrastructure is 5.26 minutes per year.

Offers for Small Businesses

With cheap cloud server you get a reliable solution for your web projects, as well as for storage of corporate data (CRM, 1C) in the cloud. You can easily create a virtual isolated network environment through a VLAN, and respond quickly and flexibly to any changes in the external environment.

You always can test cheap cloud server from DCXV Company. Just reach our sales department or go through 1 minute online registration.