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What determines the virtual web server price?

Although the virtualization technology is not new it began to be used actively only in the last decade. To a large extent this is due to the fact that a sharp increase in the number of WEB-services, including those with a small budget and a lack of quality support.


What types of virtual servers are?

Virtual Private Server or VPS - this is a convenient opportunity of organization host. You can get almost full access to the server that hosts your services on more favorable terms and costs. This is due to the fact that usually it is more difficult to maintain the physical servers, they, as a rule, have great technical capabilities that simply are not affordable or are not in demand at the start of small projects.

VPS is a full replacement for traditional methods of creating remote host. You get administrator privileges, you can customize the operation of the software environment, to install the database, run the data processing servers of different configurations. This virtual web server price will be much lower than for dedicated renting.


Virtualization technology

Often in Europe two virtualization technologies are used:


* VDS - Virtual Dedicated Server - this technology is to run a virtual server with full access to the operating system core, which supports VDS. VDS-server user can install any operating system for his project, not only including UNIX family, but also Windows-solutions. In the market of IT-services more opportunities - it is almost always mean "higher price". The dedicated web server price is higher than the VPS rent.

* VPS  Hosting, characterized in that the lessee (hosting provider client) can not make critical changes in the software environment that provides VPS work. On the one hand, it limits the ability of start-up and testing of a number of WEB-services, on the other - prevents damage to the operating system kernel, which will only be a plus for the beginner. As well as a dedicated server, VPS-hosting is accompanied by assigning IP-address, DNS and firewall.


Virtualization technology was created primarily for the possibility of expanding the resource base at the start of the project under the new requirements and opportunities. As a result, small-scale projects can be run using a weak but cheap server capacity. Increasing, WEB-services get more resources, without overpayments and under strictly defined tasks. On DCXV site you can always find out the list of web server price and other tariff plans as well as to order one that will suit your needs.