Cheap web hosting

How to choose cheap webhosting


No site can exist without the host, as it is a platform for any resource. What hosting to choose for the job - it's everybody's web master matter. For example, cheap webhosting (depending on the required parameters) may well provide your resource necessary amount of disk space, good technical support, etc. But it is rather an exception, basically cheap webhosting deliver more headaches to web master and this is due to savings on the equipment, a large number of users, etc.


Disadvantages of cheap webhosting

  • Often cheap hosting providers saving at all, do not use their own equipment and rent it from the larger web hosts.
  • Support of such a resource would be on a minimum level (the same person can be an administrator, manager, so you unlikely will have quickly help).
  • Cheap webhosting can provide you support by e-mail (at the time, as the service providers at a higher price, will allow you to contact them via phone and get support in a shorter time).
  • Due to the large number of users a server can often be overloaded, and this adversely affects the operation of your project.
  • Company - provider may at any time cease to provide services because of very low income.
  • Backup your data is not performed, so your project can vanish at any time.
  • The big limitation of CPU time required to process scripts.


When it is acceptable to use cheap webhosting?


First of all, cheap webhosting - this is a good option for those who do not have enough experience to work in the Internet, so this option suites well for:

  • resources that are created for a short time, such sites in the demo versions;
  • home pages (for personal pages, diaries);
  • as storage (you can place anonymous materials and data);
  • for creating websites - business cards.


While cheap hosting and have many shortcomings it is still widely used for informational purposes. Using them, you can learn how to work on the Internet try to start your own project. You always can test any hosting service for your site or project from DCXV Company. Just reach our sales department or go through 1 minute online registration.