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How to choose tariff plan for hosting

In this article we will try to figure out how to choose the right data plan for your site. Consider the most important issues of the cheap web hosting plans selection we are going to give you some tips.

So how choose hosing plans? For a start let us define the question: for what purpose do you need hosting service, what is the level of your Internet project and how much of disk space do you want to use. Calculate the approximate amount of files and databases that will take your online resource. Please note that selected under your account disk space will be used for all kinds of information this files and databases and log files and statistics files (for each account connected system of statistics of visits Awstats). After determining the amount of disk space you need to choose plan with space slightly larger than the one you have calculated, it will give you chance to avoid overflow your space on server.

If with SSD space it’s clear let’s think about another tip. You need to dedice how many websites do you want to place on your host. After all, in order to accommodate some sites you do not have to buy multiple hosts because all of them can be placed on one, it's easier and much profitable from the financial point of view. Choose cheap web hosting plans with the necessary number of domains. The number of additional domains and domain aliases are fluctuating depending on the tariff plan.

Now we are done with SSD space and domains. Now you need to think about the program and code part of your site. All hosting cheap tariff plans were developed to support the most popular and common software components. So PHP, MySQL, PostgresSQL, Perl, TCL, SSI installed on all plans installed. If you are going to host a single site or several small sites it is enough to have single database. If you plan to host multiple large sites then for each of them it is desirable to take a separate database. It's not critical but your work process will be much easier. It will be easier to make backups of your sites and easier to restore it if necessary. Choose web hosting plan with the number of databases that you need for your project or projects.

In addition, there are certain constraints on resources hosted on servers. For example on DCXV’s hosting plans you are not permitted to place all kinds of chat scripts, streaming audio and video broadcasts. For these purposes you can use dedicated server. Also in companies with a cheap wed hosting plans mailing scripts spam, phishing, scripting, placing of viruses and malware are prohibited. Note that at revealing of violations during web hosting use your account will be blocked without notice.