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Why VPS server is cheap?


To choose a reliable, powerful and cheap VPS hosting server, you need to understand the specifications of your website or web service future performance. VPS server is cheap - it is real, but when you use it has its own pros and cons:

* You can run additional software to make changes to the OS work under the requirements of the project - it is very important, especially for the testing of new sites, or large projects. Initially if the budget can not afford to rent a classic dedicated server.

* Protection against performance problems that may be related to peak load from the "neighbors" on the virtual server. Roughly speaking, Web hosting allocates a certain portion of the resources of the physical server, but if the load is increased because one of the virtualization participants can suffer all other clients of cheap VPS hosting.

* VPS server protects user’s files and access to the admin panel.



* In order to use effectively virtual dedicated server you must have a basic knowledge in administration;

* The rent cost will be higher than renting usual shared hosting.


It is worth to mention that the cheap VPS hosting can be used in projects at the stage of development, design, testing, where it is necessary to reduce the budget, but most require full access to configure the software environment and support sites. As a result, if the virtual server is quite rare server’s " drop", the user's fault, then VPS - this is not uncommon. Install, configure, remove, or improper maintenance programs could lead to the fall of the entire server. And, suddenly, it will be impossible to talk about the word "cheap."


How to choose a cheap VPS server hosting?

* Decide on virtualization technology - one of the most popular is OpenVZ / Virtuozzo, because it has affordable cost for hosting highly reliable, proven in thousands of data centers around the world. If between price and reliability you choose the latter, then pay attention to the Hyper-V, XEN or KVM.


* Memory and disk size which Web hosting gives because you need a place not only to accommodate the project file, but also the space with a "stepping stone" for the future. It will store the database scripts, statistics, reports, and more.


* The presence of additional features - backup, operational support, support for popular the CMS, Administration.