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Virtual Server Dedicated and Personal - what's the difference?

Despite the fact that virtualization technology over the past 3-5 years actively displacing traditional hosting services, many still do not understand the difference between VDS VPS? These two abbreviations in spite of the fact that written different mean the same thing - the server full virtualization.


What is virtualization?

Virtual allocation of resources is not a new technology, its essence is simple: on a single physical machine is divided by the number of virtual cores which work independently of each other. Full virtualization is assumes that memory is allocated, performance, disk space, which can not "encroach" your neighbors for your projects. Despite the fact that for the virtual server also provides for certain limits, which are tied to the rates of dedicated virtual server hosting companies often fail to comply with them. This may be due to several reasons:

* Unscrupulous hosting company aims to increase its profits and engaged over sale - sales resources over the limit;

* Virtual clients ask for too many resources for their operation;

* Failure of the resource allocation system.


Dedicated virtual server hosting ensures that the pre-specified performance parameters. This is a great alternative for those administrators and developers who are working on a major project, and if they put forward stringent requirements for fault tolerance and stability.

Another advantage of virtual servers is the ability to install software and operating systems that support the your Web services performance. In a typical virtual server at peak loads may be a problem with the performance, error, overload. Dedicated virtual server hosting service allows you to configure a number of programs to support the work of scripts that distribute or redirect client requests.


VPS limits

As well as traditional shared hosting, VPS can not control the hardware component. All the resources that are available to the client, dynamically allocated, but basing on static machine. This means that one way or another web service resource is limited. Many content providers write that offer unlimited opportunities for its users, but it can only refer to the software environment - database, the number of sites, support of domain zones, etc.

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