Cheap reseller hosting

Cheap reseller hosting: what does its client needs to know?

As a customer, you will be satisfied with the price of the cheap reseller hosting especially if you have not very complicated and heavy site. Or if your site requires any non-standard host configuration settings with special needs, because often big web hosting companies do not offer such services. All seems to be good, but there are a number of contraindications which you need to consider when choosing this hosting. But let’s first talk about the bright side.


  • Low price of web hosting service.

  • The possibility of non-standard host configuration.

  • Individual consultations from your hosting provider (satisfactory cheap reseller hosting provide their customers with high-quality and personalized service, since their duties include the provision of services significantly fewer customers than the larger hosting companies).

  • Hosting resellers often have their own sites on this hosting and by personal experience know how to solve some common problems

All these advantages can turn into disadvantages if the reseller is low qualified, or even amateur, who is not even own a site. In order to prevent hosting purchase from such unfortunate reseller you should be very careful in approach of choosing this type of hosting.


  • Reseller hosting can be any unskilled high school student, who is unlikely to give you adequate support

  • Reseller may close your account on the server hosting provider and your money will not come back.

  • If the reseller has closed your account all data base will be lost forever.

So, in order not to get to a trap there are a few true steps that you must do before you decide to buy cheap reseller hosting:

Client’s to do list

  • Dig in the Internet and gather feedback about the company in different forums and communities.

  • Check the date of domain initial registration. If it is too fresh there is something to think about.

  • Find out what sites are hosted on this hosting and check the quality of their work (download speed)

  • Do not throw at a low price or discount for prepayment (for six months or more). Start small, in case of failure the loss will be minimal.

That's all folks. Now you know what is cheap reseller hosting. Your choice will depend on your goals and objectives. Perhaps reseller hosting is exactly what do you need.