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Cheap internet hosting: who is it for?

What can we recommend to a beginner Internet businessmen who does not want to spend heavily to establish his/her own network projects at first? Of course, to use cheap web hosting services that we offer. Our line of cheap internet hosting tariffs we have focused primarily on the online business beginners or those who want to try their hand in the creation of sites.

In order not to put up with the limitations imposed by the free hosting platforms and at the same time not to pay for hosting significant resources we offer very competitive rates. Using its services will cost from $ 12 per year for you. And at the same time, our customers can choose from several tariffs of cheap hosting one that will optimally meet your needs. Due to the possibility of such choice maximum savings is achieved when paying to cheap web hosting companies.


ADVANTAGES: Of course, the main advantage of inexpensive line tariff is the price. But no less important is the fact that it is combined with the high quality of rendered services. Buying our cheap web hosting with disk space from 512Mb to 1Gb you can be sure that the server monitoring will be carried out in standard mode. Response time for technical problems will be similar to that provided for the rest of our servers.

LIMITATIONS: If you choose a cheap hosting you need to take into account that for cheap tariff plans technical support provides with certain restrictions. In particular, its use does not imply the possibility to receive telephone consultations. And slightly increases the response time to customer’s online requests, it can exceed the limit for the other tariff plans during a one-hour.

Why DCXV is one of cheap web hosting companies?

DCXV Prices are quite average. The secret is that we regularly carry out actions that allow to save money. Our offers are focused on the current and potential clients. So, if you just shop around where to buy cheap web hosting you have found the most sensible option. For example, you can save 33% on the first payment for hosting!

DCXV proved that cheap web hosting that supports php and mysql is not always a choice between cost and quality. In the case of low tariffs DCXV hiding the same set of proposals from other cheap web hosting companies but without usual extra out of unnecessary features.