Hosting in Europe cheap email hosting

Email hosting: why do you need it

Lots of our clients and readers ask themselves: why do I need to buy even cheap email hosting instead of using services of free mail servers? Let’s get dive in this problem. What is the e-mail? It is a system that is designed to send and receive emails. The technical side of the issue is quite interesting: the whole procedure of messages transmission passes through the simple transfer protocol - SMTP which was created specifically for this purpose and is crucial for the full functioning of the transmission. But the method of receiving letters has a variety of protocols, including POP3 and IMAP that are holding leadership for decades. These protocols "take away" messages from the server directly on the user's computer.

Email hosting abilities

Surely the reader is faced with a term such as web hosting, so why we need cheap email hosting? It is a commercial service the purpose of which is to receive letters on a secured dedicated mailbox. Fees for this service very different, but they are worth it. The most basic functions of cheap email hosting are:

1) Increased protection of emails.

Junk mail like "spam" is a familiar concept to all as the event itself. Protection against unwanted email by hosting mailing lists - that's one of the most important goals of the servers.

We must not forget about the protection of data we have sent and encrypt outgoing information. In the vast global network there are many free e-mail servers that provide the ability to use their space. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that free is not always quality, there is talk about how easy it is to hack such postal service.

2) The constant availability of the mailbox.

Cheap commercial service of email hosting service implies a stable work of the email server. Convenience and safety of messaging on the Internet - this is not a full list of the services provided.

3) The ability to bind letters to your own domain.

This service is also provided with email hosting and has established itself at its best at a low fee for its use. 24 hours support that's one more convenience of this service and disk space increase for the letter is not a big problem.

Free VS paid email hosting

We have sorted out why we need even cheap email hosting. And what about its advantages as compared to a free email account?

- Let's start with the fact that for corporate clients’ box with a unique name customized (the name type of company, its name, or the name, or

- To work with the mils you are provided for the fastest and most reliable protocols POP3, IMAP, SMTP with the mandatory secure Web interface of mailbox which eliminates advertising.

- Completely eliminates dependence on the Internet service provider because emails can be sent from any computer connected to the Internet.

- Another convenience for webmaster: if the site will be placed at another provider the mail will always be preserved and protected against overload on the web server.

- You can get unlimited number and size of mailboxes.

- All the boxes are passing the backup procedure.