Hosting in Europe and cheap domain hosting

Do you need domain and hosting?

In this article we will discuss the main differences between the free and cheap domain hosting as well as advise you not expensive but quality hosting.

For beginners: hosting is roughly to say the place on the internet where the site is located. Domain is its name (it is written in the address bar of your browser).

There are two types of Hosting: free and paid. Each has its pros and cons. More precisely paid domain hosting has only one con that is the obligation to pay for it. And the free hosting has only one plus: it is free. But for this you will have to pay gratuity by other values (time, clients, stress).

Main points of cheap domain hosting review

1. As you know, on a free hosting server you are not alone and there are many other sites. All this leads to the fact that your site may be load slowly because the server is continuously overloaded ... Surely you are not just faced with this by entering to the site in the areas of, for example,, ukoz. etc.

2. The second point - it is advertising on your site. There must be the way hosting company somehow can return the cost of server maintenance. And it is not very low cost we can tell you. That is a lot of advertising. There may be bright banners, etc.

3. Your website will have a long, confused name as your site will be located on the subdomain. For example, if you select zone, then the name of your site will be added to this notorious And your site will sound like Let’s agree it is not a good combination. The same applies to Ukoz and other similar free domain and hosting.

4. Free hosting usually does not allow the use of scripts. The fact that the scripts especially written for beginners, unprofessional programmers which can overload the server. And that is why hosting companies usually do not allow the use of scripts. And without them you can not install the forum, guest book, website engine, etc.

5. Your site or some of the files on your site may be removed if the hosting company will seem that you are using too much traffic channel.

6. You will need to spend twice as much effort to roll out such a site. Search engines do not particularly favor free domains and hosting.

And most important is when you will promote your site and the visitors enters will grow fast you can find that it is time to move to professional hosting and register beautiful domain you actually have to start from scratch. Promote the site on the new domain is alike starting all over again.

Therefore we are deprecating free hosting and domain. Or rather we are not deprecated but simply do not recommend them.

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