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The best solution in those cases when it is necessary to have a powerful hosting with more resources will be the use of a dedicated server. The provider gives to the customer who ordered cheap dedicated hosting powerful physical server. Rented server is configures by qualified personnel. The client receives a separate server and becomes the full owner of the disk space, memory and other resources. He chooses the server operating system that suits him and he can deal with its administration.

?heap dedicated hosting is very reliable, as a fully independent from other servers located at the provider, which can be used by many clients at once. Obvious that maintaining of a single server for the hosting company is more expensive than providing server available to an unlimited number of clients. Therefore, the high cost of the service is the only drawback. Alternatively, the customer can get in order cheaper but not as powerful virtual server. All processes and resources shared hosting just will not be affected by other customers, but the use of the physical server will be joint.

?heap dedicated hosting allows you to get rid of restrictions that has any other hosting. A dedicated server is used to service sites and projects, which cause heavy load on hardware, consuming a lot of server resources. Also there are sites which operation requires the use of non-standard programs and software. When you need to keep privacy or storage and use of classified material dedicated server rental is a must.


Rent of dedicated server

Many people think that the dedicated hosting is the same, but faster. Or "by the advice of friends" bought dedicated "because it is steeper than hosting". It is necessary to have basic knowledge as to administer a physical server. Renting a dedicated server and virtual server is primarily a stability of the resource-intensive compared with other tariff plans. First of all, this is achieved by using local server resources which are not distributed among multiple sites, as is in case of a shared hosting.


Due to cheap dedicated hosting well-matched and balanced load configurations, you can choose the most suitable tariff plan you are not overpaying extra money and having a good margin of safety for the performance of your Internet representation. You always can test any hosting service for your site or project from DCXV Company. Just reach our sales department or go through 1 minute online registration.